About Forage & Blossom

Our philosophy & story

At Forage and Blossom we have a philosophy of allowing our floral arrangements to express natural structure and form. We love embracing bold movements in our arrangements and feel that each floral arrangement has a life and flow. To us creating floral arrangements is not just playing with flowers, but an artwork. It almost feels like painting; especially when working with form, colour and palette blending. Perhaps we get a little too involved in our work, but we love it! Its a passion.

We can usually be found out amongst nature and soaking up fresh inspiration every time the seasons move from one character to the next. We enjoy expressing the year’s seasonal ebb and flow through our florals. Allowing the flowers to be true to how they are found in nature is key to the Forage and Blossom style. Finding a stem with a unique kink is akin to being given a months supply of chocolate to Alice.

Forage and Blossom was created by Alice who has a background in design and architecture. Alice draws on her experience from the design world, whilst always bringing fresh inspiration from the surrounding natural world.

From the first dreams of creating Forage and Blossom, Alice always knew she wanted to grow her own flowers to use in weddings / floral arrangements. Having our own cutting garden opens up new possibilities and flowers which just aren’t available at the market.

The cutting garden is based in a field up the road from the workshop and survives thanks to the wisdom and love given to it by Alice’s Mum, Jacqueline. She is the head gardener and font of all knowledge on all things horticultural.

Where we create

We have been creating our floral wonders from our rural workshop in the grounds of Norton Conyers House, Yorkshire. When you arrive there its feels like a secret place and unknown to the world. We are now RELOCATING TO SOMERSET!! We’re in the process of moving to the South West and have just found our new base just outside Bristol. The cutting garden is currently a blank canvas, an exciting field of beautiful mud! There is a lovely big polytunnel too. We can’t wait to get set up and starting getting our hands in the mud. We believe our new floral base will ooze as much rugged charm as our last workshop.

Soft and muted colours for spring Cornwall wedding table arrangement
Taylor and Porter Photography
Abundant and sumptuous autumn wedding floral table centre by Forage and Blossom Flowers, Bristol florist
Melissa Beattie Photography