Warm Tones and Fresh Foliage for Spring Wedding Flowers – This one was all about the foliage!!

A few weeks ago (or so!) I shared some snaps I took of Sara and Sam’s gorgeous spring wedding flowers and now I have the beautiful professional photographs from the Documentary Wedding Photographers York Place Studios!!! It was a lovely sunny day at Broughton Hall when Sam and Sara married in the stunning Broughton Hall Chapel. (I’m still in awe). Followed with a marquee reception in a gorgeous Wills Marquee in the fields surrounded by sheep and rolling Yorkshire views. 

This wedding was pretty special (as they all are). There is definitely one moment which will stay with me forever.
The handing over of the bridal bouquet is always quite a special moment for me. I’m filled with so many different emotions, which are exaggerated by a lack of sleep. I’m nervous, excited, have an underbelly of fear, proud, filled with overwhelming relief and then buzz of making my bride happy. It touches me that I am let into an intimate and personal moment. I’m also humbled that I can provide something which is a small part to a very big moment in their life. Sometimes there can be something incredibly important within the bouquet or buttonhole. Usually a nod to a loved one no longer here, or a foreign land which forms part of my couples story or home.
With Sara it was her Mum’s corsage. Back in the consultation Sara showed me an old photo of the corsage her Mum’s Mum wore on her wedding day. Sara’s Mum really wanted to wear something similar as a nod to an important lady in both their lives who was no longer here to be there on Sara’s wedding day. It was a beautiful corsage of orchids down the lapel of her jacket. Oh, I knew this was a very important garment to the day and would be worn as Sara’s mother walked her down the aisle. This was more than just a corsage. Blocking that out my mind I cracked on with the design. When it came to the moment of handing the bouquet and corsage over my emotions were even more heightened than normal, knowing the importance of the corsage. It was a moment I will now remember fondly. We were all blubbing (happily). It was incredibly special to witness and be a small part to this special moment Sara and her Mum shared.
The rest of the flowers were an abundance of spring blooms of warm tones and bundles (and bundles) of foliage. Foliage, forestry and trees are in the family for Sam, so these were key to expressing both Sam and Sara through their florals. This aisle might just be one of my favourites I have ever created. Bold statement. I think it is though. We created seasonal foliage chair ends which trailed along the aisle. Oh and the urns out the front; I loved creating these with swathes of spring blossom.
A marquee wedding in April. It would be a lie to say we hadn’t discussed the various wet (cold / windy / hail / snow / drizzle / scotch mist) weather plans. We were certain we would be implementing one. This weekend the year before I had a wedding in a snow blizzard. Somehow Sara and Sam’s wedding day might just have been one of the sunniest days of the year. Well the summer was a bit of a washout – or at least it felt it. The wedding reception was held in one of the beautiful traditional canvas Wills Marquees. It was set up on the hill outside Broughton Hall’s Eden and surrounded by stunning Yorkshire views.
Oh how have I reached this far without mentioning Sara’s beautiful hand painted veil?!! The incredibly talented Laura from Lorie painted the most beautiful design to match the bridal bouquet flowers. Its a beautiful piece of work, see it below!
Well what a day. I’ve rambled on enough and will let you enjoy the beautiful images from the fantastic Documentary Wedding Photographers York Place Studios.
Congratulations Sara & Sam! A xx