Forage and Blossom relocates to Somerset!! With a New Workshop and Cutting Garden just outside Bristol!!!

I hinted towards this in my last blog post and yes the rumours are true!! I am moving back to Bristol where I grew up and relocating Forage and Blossom down to Somerset.

I’m probably mad, almost definitely, but the best of us are yes?! I’m entering year four of my wedding floristry business in North Yorkshire and its going incredibly well. Better than I could have imagined when I embarked on this venture with a few friends weddings back in 2014. From then Forage and Blossom was born and I took the plunge into the daunting, stressful and yet rewarding world of running my own business.

I would be lying if I said I had never looked back, I most definitely have. Anyone of you who is self employed knows how sometimes the business can feel all encompassing and its hard to see the wood for the trees. Sometimes quite literally in my job! Whatever I do though I can’t help but be drawn back like a magnet. I love it. I love the flowers, I love the people and strangely I love the buzz of the event. (Saying I love the stress would be a stretch too far!!)

So Forage and Blossom is going through a transition. A geographical one and I’m blooming excited. I grew up in Bristol and it has always had a strong place in my heart. I think I always knew I would want to return.

Yorkshire will always be a very special and important place for me though. I’ll miss it a lot and miss the people even more. Although I’m sure to return a lot! It has been the place where I dared to be bold and reach for my dreams (and I’m not stopping now). It sounds a bit cheesy, but its true.

I’ve been lucky to have met some wonderful and supportive people in Yorkshire. These people saw and helped me grow from fledgling business to standing on my own feet. Then there is the land. There is something majestic about the Yorkshire landscape. From the wild rugged moorlands to the undulating dales my drives to venues have always been punctuated with ‘wow’ moments. Sometimes I have genuinely felt on top of the world. Bonkers as it may sound I think the moon seems bigger up here and the skies wider. You can see why the Yorkshire people call it God’s own County!

Now I’m itching to return to the west country and I’m spreading my floral wings down south. I can’t help but feel more than a bit nervous about the move. Its geographically huge and relocating the business is going to take time and a lot of hard work. Its almost like starting all over again. Maybe this time I can try not to make the mistakes I made the first time round, but some different ones! We’ll see!!

So its off to Somerset we go!! I’m excited to say I have found my new workshop and cutting garden space!!! Yes!!!!! Just confirmed!!! Its a field with some space in a barn in North Somerset, just outside Bristol. At the moment I have some exciting photos of mud and and an empty polytunnel which are full of potential. I’ll keep you updated on the progress of the mud; from field to cutting garden through the year. I cannot wait to plan the garden!!

Well for now here are the first images and I’ll be back soon with an update. Perhaps I will have dug some strips….

A xx

Entrance drive to Forage and Blossom North Somerset Flower Field

Forage and Blossom Polytunnel at the new Somerset Flower Farm Forage and Blossom new field in somerset flower farm