Rosie & Will’s Late Summer Wedding

There is no question about it, when your friend is the Bride – its different. I was over the moon when Rosie and Will asked me to do their wedding flowers for them last summer. It was very special to be so deeply involved with their wedding day and their journey to it. I even stayed in the room next door to Rosie on the night before her wedding and ran in at the crack of dawn bursting with excitement still in my pyjamas. It was so lovely to be a part of something so special for such a close friend.

A part of my job I love is getting to know my couples so well and being deeply involved with their wedding day. I often get to see secret pictures of the wedding dress, which is sooo exciting. Rosie was no exception and I was sent a secret picture from Lizzie, Rosie’s gorgeous sister, with Rosie in the final dress and with her hair done straight from her trial. Aah! So exciting and I had to keep it secret from all out friends which was so hard! I was so scared I would say something I pretended that I didn’t know anything and diverted the conversation if I was asked something. You will not believe the origins of Rosie’s dress when you see the pictures! Rosie’s wonderful Mum, Eunice, found Rosie’s dress in the charity shop she works in!! Its incredible, a few alterations later and a veil which looked vintage, but Eunice proudly told us was only I think £8.99 off Ebay – absolutely beautiful and Rosie looked radiant!

Not only was it so lovely to form a new side to my relationship with Rosie, my friendship with Will was taken to a new level. This was very much cemented when I messaged him in the lead up to the wedding for images of his body parts – NON DODGY was very much specified – for a Hen Do game for Rosie, which he without question obliged to. (A ‘how well do you know your future husband’ game – slideshow of body parts; elbow, between the toes etc and Rosie has to state if its Will’s or not).

The difficult part is that you are also a guest and are meant to look like a guest. Which means amongst the normal setting up of the flowers I also needed to actually at least have a shower and get dressed. I managed to wash my hair, but I still turned up with typical florist green ingrained hands, although I did try to clean out the dirt from under my nails! I was rescued by a strong work force of fantastic friends who all arrived early to help me set up before getting ready themselves.

Well what a day it was. Full of fun, love, a lot of laughter and some interesting dance moves. Here are the gorgeous images from the day captured by Justine Ferrari Photography.

Lots of love Rosie & Will, and Happy 6 month anniversary for last Saturday!!